Project Planning

Professional manufacturer and engineering company for space frames, steel structures project with full capability of research, design, fabrication,construction, supervision service. We have equipped with advanced software and system, and we have professional designers and technical engineers.


We are well equipped with most modern and sophisticated engineering tools to meet the architectural and structural needs of variety of customers for complex geometric and larger span structures. Technical submittals of our Engineering Services contains but not limited to the specified geometry, design calculation, support reactions, material specification, schematic layout, conceptual design criteria etc.


Produced materials are forwarded well packaged not damage during loading, transportation and unloading. Unapproved materials can not be shipped in any way.


These are carried out by a network of qualified and certified builders working hand-in-hand to ensure satisfactory completion of works. erection is generally categorized into three methods or combination thereof depending upon the actual site conditions namely: In-situ assembly from either full height mobile or fixed scaffolds.‬ Full assembly on ground and lift into position using appropriate sized crane.‬ Partial assembly on ground, lift into position by crane and complete assembly by mobile scaffolds.‬


Uzman teknik kadrolarımız ile proje,imalat ve montajını tamamladığımız projelerden örnekler.



DNG Çelik Uzay Kafes Sertifikaları

About DNG

DNGÇELİK was founded by Yusuf YÜCE has been working in this sector since 1998 in 2007.
Space frames manufacturing and mounting a service to our target structural steel engineering project as required by the optimum solution is to produce the perception.
Company service is continue also abroad such as foreign countries is placed headquarters and factory Istanbul Deri Industrial Zone.
To conduct our business in a transparent, profitable and participative manner to enhance personnel growth/development to team members, value to our partners and utmost satisfaction to our customers.
DNG ÇELİK Space Frames are configured and constructed to distribute the design stress in the form of tensile and compressive forces. Due to its geometrical versatility, interdependence and continuity in formation the design forces are well distributed throughout the building process.

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