Steel Structure Systems

The adaptation of our rapidly changing lifestyle to our accommodation can be achieved more easily and economically thanks to steel structures.
Steel Structure Systems
Steel Structure Systems
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Steel structures are used in modern construction all over the world for all kinds of structures such as heavy industry building, high-rise building, equipment support system, infrastructure, bridge, tower, airport terminal, heavy industry facility, pipelines. If you are looking for the most cost-effective building type, it is important to consider your potential long-term savings along with your initial investment in any structure.

DNG Steel Structure Systems

Why is Steel

Steel is the most durable construction material against earthquakes thanks to light and flexable. This features provides resist without breaking against forces. Lighten structure is the only way decreasing eartquake loads. Because if how heavy is the mass, earthquake force on the structure will be bigger. Steel houses are approximately 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete structures. This means that the earthquake load on the building is 5 times less.
Steel is a durable and reusable material. The materials obtained after the steel buildings are disassembly can be reused. Cage which made by light steel is obtained from 7-8 bangers. On the other hand, built the same construction from wooden cause about 50 trees to be cut down
There is no need for concrete except the foundation, so the process does not change according to weather conditions. So construction done quickly. Thats mean lower costs. Construction of a house like size of areas about 200 m2 can complete within a week.
The quality of steel, which is a completely industrial product and produced in accordance with international standards all over the world, is controlled and documented at every stage of its production. The producer or the constructor cannot interfere with the physical properties of the material. Theoretical calculation values were also valid in practice. Since it is not hidden inside the concrete, its compliance with the project and standards can always be checked.
In the production of light steel,corrosion resistance is high because galvanized steel is used. There is no rust. Cracks and deflection problems do not ocur like wood. It consists of galvanized steel of international standards and quality.
The adaptation of our rapidly changing lifestyle to our accommodation can be achieved more easily and economically thanks to steel structures. Depending on the conditions that may occur after years, you can find solutions to your needs by removing non-bearing walls or changing their places.
Steel does not create a danger against lightning unlike other carrier systems, Because lightning protection creates a path to the ground and eleminates the risk of fire and injury.
DNG Steel Structure Systems
Steel Structures Systems Application Steps

The design, manufacture and assembly of structural steel construction projects are carried out by DNG Steel Structure


Static calculations are made by our team based on all loads in international static programs.


Steel structure manufacturing projects are prepared in drawing programs developed in this area and made ready for production.


It is produced with minimum tolerances by our trained personnel in our DNG Steel Factory. Weld thicknesses and lengths of the parts are controlled by the quality control engineer.


After the surface cleaning of the materials ready for painting, they are painted according to the specifications and made ready for shipment.


Steel structure assembly is done perfectly by expert and trained teams by taking all occupational safety precautions.