Space Frame Systems

Space frame systems are 3-Dimensional carrier system consisting of connect axial rod pipes and their nodes.
Space Frame Systems
Space Frame Systemsİ
It is a structure system consisting of planar beams and linear elements carried to the third dimension.
Easy Assembling

Space roof systems are prefabricated (manufactured in the factory, assembled on site) systems. The space roof system, designed according to the architectural project and its details, is analyzed in the special staticaly analysis softwares which developed for this calculations. Static analysis is calculation according loads such as dead load,snow load, wind load, services loads (plumbing load,ventilating, fire fighting systems,ceiling floor, catwalk...), cladding load, gutter load,eartquake load, effect of temperature.

Durable Structures

The purlin system, on which the roof and facade cladding will be mounted, is designed in the most appropriate way to the cladding. In this design, the necessary point details solve in order to prevent the building from being exposed to external factors (rain, wind, etc.) during the usage phase.

Space Roof Systems
DNG Steel Space Frame Systems
Steps of Assembly
Space Roof Systems
Detection of Anchors and Support Plates

Anchor plates are prepared according to the dimensions specified in the application projects. Anchor plates are fixing to the reinforcement and concrete is poured so that it remains in the concrete. If pouring of concrete was done before installitaion, anchor plates fix on concrete with chemical injection.

Space Roof Systems
Assembly of Steel Space Frame

Connecting of spheres and pipes is made by specialist personnel on floor or air. The part connected onto floor is lifted up with the help of crane.

Space Roof Systems
Last Check and Delivery of Project.

All stages of the assembly process are carried out by expert personnel in accordance with the standards. After the assembly process is completed, the controls are made and as the last step, the support welds are made and project complete.

One of the most important advantages of a space frame system is its light weight.
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Light and Durable

It is the distribution of the load transfer mechanism in such a way that there is primarily axial tension or compression.

Lower Costs

Space frame systems can allow very large span to be built because of they are modular and leight systems.

DNG Steel Structure and Space Frame Systems
Advantage of Space Frame Systems
  • Transfer load in both direction.
  • Durable structures because of hipestaticaly system.
  • Prefabricated.
  • Efficient quality control.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Suitable for cladding.
  • Made by steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Disassembled and reusable.
  • All kindy of design is possible because of their geometry.
Advantages of Space Cage System
Advantages of Space Cage System
Usage areas of space frame system
Usage areas of space frame system
DNG Steel Structure and Space Frame Systems
Usage Areas of Space Frame System
  • Space Roof in Industrial Buildings
  • Space Roof in Sport Area
  • Space Roof in Swimming Pool
  • Space Roof in Congress Center
  • Space Roof in Exhibition and Museum
  • Space Roof in Cinema and theater hall
  • Space Roof in Airport
  • Space Roof in Stadium
  • Space Roof in Hangar

Manufactured materials are packaged in such a way that they are not damaged during loading, transportation and unloading and are made ready for shipment.


Assembly methods can be change depends on Project. It can be with Crane, party with the help of Crane or without crane